Guaranteed fresh! Bassi to partner with Lindroth’s Deliverde gardens

Finland’s freshest salads? Look no further. Lindroth’s Deliverde, operating out of Maaria, delivers their morning crops to Turku restaurants without middlemen or delays. Lettuces, herbs, and vegetables picked each morning from fields and greenhouses find their way to customers’ plates by lunchtime.

Lindroth’s super fresh greens will also feature in the lunch and dinner dishes of restaurant Bassi, opening its doors by Turku riverside towards the end of August. They are the shining stars in Bassi’s three-course vegetarian menu.

– The freshness of Lindroth’s produce is unmistakable, and it is a great joy to prepare and plan dishes that either side with or include these delicious salads and herbs, says Marko Jaakkola, restaurant Bassi’s head chef.


Partnering with a Turku restaurant is something that Lindroth gardens is used to and appreciates. They list a number of top restaurants from both Turku and Helsinki as clients. There’s daily contact between the producer and the restaurants, and orders come in throughout the day, evening – and sometimes even at night.

– A fish restaurant in Turku is very exciting news indeed, says Lindroth gardens’ entrepreneur Liisa Lindroth. – Fish is a lot like vegetables: how a chef prepares them really shows up their expertise, and when things go right, you may get to experience surprising, fantastic culinary treats!

Liisa Lindroth and her husband Hannu already have a table booked for Bassi.  

Restaurant Bassi opens at the end of August, 31.8. Make your reservation now!


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